The postKeywordCampaign API Command will add keywords to a campaign. The command is processed in a queue, meaning that the result will be available after finishing creating the new campaign.


Using this command consumes 1 credit for each keyword added. *It will also consume credits from the monitored keywords pool.


The command is included in the Campaign API Module and will only consume credits assigned for Campaign API Operations.


campaignId The ID Number of the campaign.
nrKeywords Number of keywords that are going to be introduced in the campaign.
keyword(*) The keyword order you are going to insert. *number taking value from 1 to nrKeywords parameter
se The Search Engine you want to add the keyword on. Mandatory field that can have the values: Google, Bing, Yahoo.
locale The country where the tracking is made. It’s a mandatory field that should have values from here:
mobile Allows you to decide if the tracking should be made on mobile or desktop. It’s not mandatory and can take the values “yes” or “no”. The default is “no”.
location Allows you to choose the location of the tracking. It’s not mandatory and can take the standard values given by Google (Canonical Name for Geographical Targeting). The default is Universal Ranking.

Input URL Example,new%20york,united%20states  

Output Example

Running this command will result in the following JSON output:


Output Details

status The status of the command (success or error).
added Number of keywords added.
credits The credit cost of the command.
time The time it took to process the command.
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