The postCompetitor API Command will add additional competitors to an already created campaign. The command is processed in a queue, meaning that the result will be available after finishing creating the new campaign.


Using this command consumes 1 credit. *It will also consume credits from the site credits pool.


The command is included in the Campaign API Module and will only consume credits assigned for Campaign API Operations.


campaignId The ID number of the campaign you wish to add competitors to.
site The URL of the website you wish to track.
siteType The type of analysis done for the website. Can take the following values:
url – analyzes the inbound links for the inserted url;
prefix – analyzes the inbound links for the url’s prefix;
subdomain – analyzes the inbound links for the url’s subdomain;
domain – analyzes the inbound links for the url’s domain.

Input URL Example

Output Example

Running this command will result in the following JSON output:


Output Details

status The status of the command (success or error).
campaignId The ID number of the selected Campaign.
siteId The ID number generated for the new website you entered in the campaign.
siteUrl The URL of the competitor entered in the campaign.
credits The credit cost of the command.
time The time it took to process the command.
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