Import Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) Links & More

For a more complete analysis, you can import link data from several other sources such as Google Webmaster Tools, Bing or any other.

To do this just go in the inBound Link Analysis module and click the Import Button that is found in the right corner of the page. Select your CSV file and upload it.

You should take in consideration that when we import the file, we are automatically de-duplicating any links that already may exist in our database. We also take in consideration the site-wide setting that you setup on the campaign and we discard any links that exceed the site-wide number.


  • The Import functionality is not available on sites that were run with custom urls. 
  • If the CSV file is incorrect we suggest to download the sample file and copy/paste the links in it – save it – and then import it. GWT and Bing have multiple export types. The simplest import you can make is to select the cognitiveSEO CSV type and just add the links in the first column one by one.
  • If you need to import more than 20k links we suggest to split your file in multiple 20k links files and import them separately.
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