The getSocialHistory API Command returns the social data history for the campaign.


Using this command consumes 1 credit for each data point extracted.


The command is included in the Campaign API Module and will only consume credits assigned for Campaign API Operations.


campaignId The ID Number of the campaign.
siteId The ID Number of the site you will import links to.
dateFrom The first date from which to begin extraction. *if no value inserted, the default is the first date found in the database.
dateTo The last date from which to begin extraction.
date Extracting links from a fixed date.
url Displays the history only for this URL. If parameter is not mentioned, the application will extract the history of all the campaign.

Input URL Example

Output Example

Running this command will result in the following JSON output:


 Output Details

status The status of the command (success or error).
url The URL for the link.
fbLikes Total number of Facebook likes.
fbShares Total number of Facebook shares.
fbComments Total number of Facebook comments.
fbTotal Total Facebook activity.
twitter Total number of Twitter shares.
googlePlus Total number of googlePlus shares.
credits The credit cost of the command.
time The time it took to process the command.
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