The getCampaignNewLostLinks API Command displays any new or any lost links for a selected campaign.


Using this command consumes 1 credit for each extracted link.


The command is included in the Campaign API Module and will only consume credits assigned for Campaign API Operations.


campaignId The ID number of the existing campaign.
siteId The ID number of the website.
limit Limits the number of links extracted.
type The type of the links extracted (Values: new / lost / all). *default value is all
dateFrom The first date from which to begin extraction. *if no value inserted, the default is the first date found in the database.
dateTo The last date from which to extract.
date Extracting links from a fixed date.

Input URL Example

Output Example

Running this command will result in the following JSON output:


Output Details

status The status of the command (success or error).
fromUrl The backlink’s URL.
toUrl The targeted website’s URL.
fromUrlSubdomain The backlink’s subdomain.
fromUrlDomain The backlink’s domain.
toUrlSubdomain The targeted website’s subdomain.
toUrlDomain The targeted website’s domain.
fromUrlRedirect Displays if there is a redirect.
fromUrlHttpCode The HTTP status code.
fromUrlPagesize The size of the page in pixels.
fromUrlHtmlTitle Title of the Page.
fromUrlWebpagetype The type of the website 






















fromUrlWebpageCategory The Category of the website 


























fromUrlWebpageLanguage The website’s language











fromUrlCitationFlow Majestic Metric
fromUrlTrustFlow Majestic Metric
fromUrlDeeplink Shows if the Backlink is from the homepage or deeper in the website.(Values yes or no)
toUrlDeeplink Shows if the Backlink is pointing to a homepage or a deeper page in the website. (Values yes or no)
fromUrlLinkAuthority The Authority of the Link (CognitiveSEO metric).
fromUrlOutboundlinksInternal Number of internal outbound links from the website.
fromUrlOutboundlinksExternal Number of external outbound links from the website.
fromUrlOutboundlinksInternalDofollow Number of internal outbound links that are Dofollow.
fromUrlOutboundlinksInternalNofollow Number of internal outbound links that are Nofollow.
fromUrlOutboundlinksExternalDofollow Number of external outbound links that are Dofollow.
fromUrlOutboundlinksExternalNofollow Number of external outbound links that are Nofollow.
fromUrlBacklinks Number of URL`s coming from the backlink.
fromUrlNumberOfReferringDomains Number of Referring domains of the URL coming from the backlink.
fromDomainTld The Top Level Domain.
fromDomainCitationFlow Number of referring domains for the URL.
fromDomainTrustFlow Majestic Metric.
fromDomainAuthority The Domain’s Authority (CognitiveSEO Metric).
fromDomainHostingCountry The Hosting Country.
fromDomainIp The Backlink’s domain IP.
importedLink Shows if the link was imported. (Values yes or no)
status The status of the link. (Values live or lost)
linkType The type of the link (Values: text, image, redirect or null if the link is lost)
anchorText The text of the anchor.
anchorTextType The type of text (brandcommercial or misc).
imageAlt Alt of the Image Link.
linkTitle The href title tag of the image.
linkTarget Href Target Tag (Values: frame_blank_self_parent_top)
linkNofollow If the link is nofollow. (Values yes or no)
linkInContent If the link is found in content.(Values yes or no)
linkInListOfLinks If the link is found in a list of links.(Values yes or no)
linkPositioning The Position of the link: 
















linkVisibility The page position of the link 








isSitewide If the link is sitewide.(Values yes or no)
linkIgnored If the link is ignored.
link – ignored at a link level;
domain – ignored at a domain level;
no – link is not ignored.
linkDissavowed If the link is disavowed.
link – disavowedat a link level;
domain – disavowedat a domain level;
no – link is not disavowed.
linkNaturalness The health of the link:
unnatural – link is unnatural;
ok – link is ok;
suspect – link could be seen as unnatural.
tags Displays the tags for each link.
cognitiveseoDate Date when the link entered CognitiveSEO.
credits The credit cost of the command.
time The time it took for the command to take place.
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