The getCampaignInfo API Command Command displays data within a campaign.


Using this command consumes 1 credit.


The command is included in the Campaign API Module and will only consume credits assigned for Campaign API Operations.


campaignId The ID number (*all to select all campaigns) of the campaign you wish to add competitors to.

Input URL Example

Output Example

Running this command will result in the following JSON output:


Output Details

status The status of the command (success or error).
campaignId The ID number of the selected Campaign.
campaignName The name of the selected Campaign.
status Displays the current status of the campaign:
active = The campaign is up and running;
inProgress = The links are being crawled;
locked = it’s being updated at this time.
started Displays the date when the campaign was created.
campaignType Shows the type of the campaign (recurring or onetime)
siteWide The number of links crawled sitewide
exSubdom Displays if the internal links were ignored (yes or no)
nextRecrawlDate The next recrawl date.
lastUpdateDate The date when the campaign was updated.
sites The sites in the campaign
site(*) The number of the site.
url The website’s URL
isCompetitor no= site is not a competitor
yes = site is a competitor
siteType The analysis type (url / prefix / domain / subdomain)
importStatus null – no import started;
inProgress – import is currently in progress;
finished – import is finished.
lastImportDateStarted Start date of the last import.
lastImportDateFinished End date of the last import.
credits The credit cost of the command.
time The time it took for the command to take place.
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